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L & L Coatings Products

L & L 300 Mastic: A high-build, waterborne, elastomeric barrier coating. Creates a durable, mildew-resistant film with exceptional adhesion and flexibility. Allows damaging substrate moisture to escape, while protecting against ultra-violet, water and airflow intrusion. Your #1 choice in waterproofing metal roof deck areas.

L & L 300 Mastic, EXP: This is used generally as a barrier coating for thermal insulation. Its higher viscosity allows it to be applied by glove or trowel without sags or dripping. EXP currently has the lower flame spread of all the mastic grades. ASTM E-162 Radiant Panel Flame Spread Test: Passes with a flame spread index of 63. Originally formulated for E.I. DuPont, 300 Mastic, EXP is used in industry for many applications, including interior barrier coating for use over insulation in coolers.

L & L 300 Mastic, RCM: Our RCM or Re-coat Mastic is designed for application over compromised polyurethane foam. Its high perm rate allows trapped moisture in the foam to escape through the dried mastic film. It is our whitest Mastic and, in turn, lowers the roofs surface temperature by "reflecting" the suns rays. RCM Mastic has the highest tensile strength and total solids of the mastic family.

L & L 300 Mastic, EXP, Low Temp: This coating exhibits all the physical properties of our standard 300 Mastic, EXP. As indicated by its name, it is formulated to perform at low temperatures to -20F and remain flexible. It is an excellent choice for use in freezers and extremely cold climates.

L & L 163 Primer/Sealer: A multifunction, elastomeric, water-borne acrylic primer/sealer providing optimum adhesion and flexibility. It penetrates and seals, leaving an adhesive "tacky" film that promotes maximum bond with substrate and subsequent coat. Seals joints, seams, cracks, roof and wall penetrations.

L & L Acrylic Enamel: High performance interior and exterior semi-gloss acrylic paint. Manufactured for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential use. Provides optimum protection on projects requiring thin film coatings.

L & L Tri-Clad Tapes: Pressure sensitive tapes used in bridging seams on roofing insulation and construction materials. Used as a vapor barrier for sealing projects in controlled atmosphere environments; e.g., fumigation containment, airflow management, coolers and freezers. Comes with polyester fabric, aluminum and Tedlar surfaces. Easy to use; just peel off release liner and apply to a smooth, clean, dry surface. Expands and contracts with structural movement and remains flexible.

L & L Power Prep+: A powerful general purpose cleaner used for removing dirt, grease, oil, smoke film and paint chalk. Cleans and restores finishes. Biodegradable, non-flammable and leaves no residue. Comes in ready-to-use or concentrate. Makes surface cleaning efficient and easy. Excellent for use with high pressure water wash as a pre-wash before coating.

L & L Ultra Clean: A powerful biodegradable cleaner and degreaser containing no harmful solvents and leaving no irritating fumes. This cleaner is used on oil tanks, pump stations, loading docks, concrete floors, gas stations and in-plant refineries, as well as many other surfaces

Amercoat® 385: Amercoat® 385 is an epoxy primer that can be used to prevent the growth of rust, and restrict further growth of existing rust. This primer works well with Amerlock® 400 and provides a beautiful smooth finish for concrete, metal roofing and masonry.

Amerlock® 400: Amerlock® 400 is an epoxy coating used to protect from UV rays and stop growth of rust. It works with Amercoat® 385 to provide a lasting topcoat.