Surface Prep Problem Solver

What it is:

What it does:

A. Powerful general purpose cleaner

A. Concentrate is economical - saves on freight cost

B. Pre-wash

B. Leaves no residue - evaporates totally leaving no film

C. Strong detergents and cleaning agents in a unique formula

C. Attacks the toughest soils

D. Biodegradable

D. Saves valuable time

E. A powerful blend of cleaning agents

E. Removes dirt, grease, oil, smoke film and paint chalk

F. Extra high strength formula

F. Cleans and restores finishes

G. Technologically enhanced high intensity formula

G. Saves on labor costs

H. Spray and wipe ease of application

H. Makes surface cleaning fast, easy and efficient

What it provides:

I. Cleans most any kind of soil on most any kind of washable surface

ï Simplicity

How it is used:

ï Confidence


ï Economy

A. Pre-set pressure cleaner siphon @ 2:1 mixing ratio. Apply Power Prep + then high-pressure water wash.

ï Versatility

ï Safety

B. Cut concentrate @ 2:1 mixing ratio and apply as a "Ready-To-Use"

ï Convenience

ï Trouble-free cleaning

ï Deep-Cleaning

ï Pleasant Fragrance

NOTE: Always high-pressure water wash or wipe Power Prep + before it dries. Once it evaporates, it is gone and leaves no residue.